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Microsoft OOXML Approved as an International Standard Opposed by China, India, and Russia

2019-04-16 20:38:00   Second
On April 2, Beijing time, according to the OpenDoc Society website, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has voted Microsoft OOXML to become an international standard. During the second round of voting that ended on March 29th, Microsoft won support from 86% of voting countries and 75% of member support, accounting for two-thirds of the total.
According to the list released by OpenDoc Society, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan support OOXML as an industry standard, while China, India, and Russia have each raised opposing votes.
OOXML, also known as Office Open XML, is an internal data storage structure based on XML in Microsoft Office format. OOXML was approved by Ecma (the non-profit enterprise federation of "industry standards") on December 7, 2006, becoming the "Ecma standard". On January 5, 2007, Ecma submitted Microsoft's OOXML document format to the International Standards organization ISO for review. But in the vote in September, Microsoft failed.
Microsoft introduced the Open XML file format called OOXML in Vista and Office 2007 to replace the ODF De facto standard. Currently, Microsoft's Open XML can only run seamlessly on the Office platform, while patches need to be added on other platforms to fully utilize it. Domestic software manufacturers basically use the open source ODF De facto standard. Previously, the domestic industry circle had strongly opposed the adoption of Microsoft's standard, ultimately prompting China to vote against it in both rounds of voting.