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Company introduction

Shenzhen huataxing Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2005, is a professional production. Bluetooth module for Keyboard, Mouse, Car electronics, Tablet PC, Speaker system, BT USB Dongle, BT Handset, WIFI AP Router, WIFI USB dongle 的公司。

The company covers an area of 1,100 square meters. The total number of employees is 50-100. The company has powerful and advanced manufacturing resources and equipment, large-scale imported equipment, production and testing equipment, the application of advanced inventory ERP and OA automated office software system, the implementation of information management, institutionalized management and humanized management. Perfect combination, the company adheres to the management concept of high-quality, low-cost, punctual delivery as the cornerstone, technology, equipment innovation, in the face of diversified market demand, to provide customers with high-efficiency, high-quality products, customer-centered, integration of industry cutting-edge technology to provide customers with high-quality services, create maximum prices Value, HTC will always provide customers with first-class quality and service, we will look forward to the perfect quality and perfect service with your company's sincere cooperation to create a better future!

More than 10 years focus on Bluetooth module
The factory covers an area of 1500 square meters.
The company sells well in 15 countries.

President Speech

With the rapid development of technology and the gradual evolution of network, people's demand for mobility and high broadband is increasing. More and more people want to be able to communicate, work, play, and get information on the Internet everywhere. Wireless communication applications are becoming more and more popular. Various wireless networks, such as wireless personal area network, wireless local area network, wireless metropolitan area network and cellular mobile communication satellite network, are providing various wireless services from narrowband to broadband for human beings.
China is pregnant with the world's largest potential market for 3G communications. From the point of view of technical standards, today's wireless communication is developing along two main lines: one is the mobile communication system led by ITU and 3GPP/3GPP2, from 3G to E3G, then to B3G/4G; the other is the wireless access system led by IEEE, from wireless personal area network (WPAN) to wireless local area network (WLAN), wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN), and then to. Wireless wide area network (WWAN).
As a young and energetic enterprise in China's wireless communication industry, gold3link has grown rapidly into a professional wireless solution service provider in China in a few years. The company is committed to researching wireless business and next generation network, providing customers with industry-leading wireless solutions in a timely manner, and shaping the image of "Huataixing Technology, Professional Wireless Bluetooth". At the same time, based on the domestic market, enterprises continue to accelerate the pace of development, actively expand the overseas wireless communication market, in order to adapt to the development of global economy.
It is the biggest wish of huataxing people to let everyone have wireless access.
We believe that a new era of global wireless communication will be born in our hands, and we are willing to join hands with you to create a new chapter!

The course of growth     

2005 huataxing Electronics Co., Ltd.
2006 new products launched by the market evaluation, the production of products sold in Europe, Malaysia and Taiwan China
2007 the company increased R & D efforts, the quality of products in a new high, customer complaints for 6 months 15 days to zero, and as a leading wireless and Bluetooth products manufacturer in Shenzhen at the Ninth World hi tech Fair
The 2008 companies to expand production and manpower, increase R & D investment in new products, and bring quality products to participate in the Hongkong International Electronics Exhibition

Factory production capacity

In 2006, the factory produced 500 thousand tablets.
In 2007, the factory produced 680 thousand tablets.
In 2008, the factory produced 750 thousand tablets.
In 2009, the factory produced 1 million 90 thousand tablets.
In 2010, the factory produced 1 million 600 thousand tablets.
In 2011, the factory produced 1 million 800 thousand tablets.
In 2012, the factory produced 2 million 10 thousand tablets.
In 2013, the factory produced 2 million 260 thousand tablets.

Factory organization structure